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Quick Links to Most Accessed Student Academic Policies

Following are the academic policies most frequently accessed by students.  To view the full list of University policies, visit the View A-Z page, or if you are looking for a policy, do a search using the Policy DDS dedicated search engine.

Admissions Policy 
Advanced Standing Policy 
Assessment Policy - Criteria and Standards-Based Assessment 
Complaint Handling and Resolution Policy 
Course Transfer Policy 
Enrolment Policy 
Examinations Policy 
Library Loans Policy
Misconduct - Student Academic Misconduct Policy 
Misconduct – Student Non-Academic Misconduct Policy
Progression and Unsatisfactory Academic Progress Policy 
Review of Grade Policy 
Special Consideration Policy 
Student Code of Conduct
Teaching and Learning - Fundamental Code 

Need Help?

Email the Policy and Governance Unit or phone the Administrative and Systems Support Officer on (02) 9678 7841 or Manager, Policy on (02) 9678 7836.